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Arcade1Up - Tempest Atari Legacy Control Deck Failure - Parts & Repair - No Controls Working

Arcade1up Tempest Atarti Legacy Control Deck Failure and Repair. Here at Sheehan Land Entertainment in Michigan we have a Arcade 1 Up Tempest Atari Legacy Edition Video Game Cabinet. After very little play and completely out of the blue we had a control deck failure. Everything other than the Power Switch and Trackball completely stopped working. Looking for a fix, I found a few helpful videos on YouTube, but few had good explanations on the repair and the exact part that failed. After a bunch of headaches I got to the bottom of it and decided this would be a perfect first video for our channel. Hopefully this saves you similar headaches we had in troubleshooting the problem. After all these Arcade1Up games are awesome, however, without the repair it was just a very expensive paperweight. I will put some of the useful links below to help assist you with your repair. It seems this one is fairly common. While I love Arcade1Up I think they should consider replacing this part for free as it is a known chronic control deck problem. That being said, Arcade 1 Up machines make up a big part of our client lounge, I love the game an wanted to get it fixed as soon as possible. If you are having the same problems then this will be your fix! I forgot to mention there is a plastic cover on the back of the control board. It is basically useless and I believe just designed to keep you out, it is simply 7 screws to remove it. I can't see a big harm in leaving it off, but I did put mine back on. Please like the video and subscribe if we helped you out. I will put some of the important links below. Thanks for checking it out. Send us any questions or comments in the comment section. PCBA - Converter Board-Atari Legacy Control Deck Part No. ATR-Z-91323-310 Barcode - 195570058954 Arcade1Up - Contact Us - Sheehan Land Entertainment - @multimediamichigan - Website - Facebook - Check out Leftee Music @threepeacemusic - Website - Facebook -

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