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Champs Vs. Gramps

Champs Vs. Gramps is a YouTube video series dedicated to Golf and the Father and Son relationship. The series is dedicated to showing how great the game of golf is for building a better Father and Son relationship. Also, how much fun it is to play the game of golf and compete against each other. While "Stinger" Gavin is favored to win the matches and be "Champs", and his father "Leftee" is expected to lose and be "Gramps", that is why they play the game! The series will feature head to head matches on great courses, and also be dedicated to reviewing golf products and giving the golf community feedback about quality of the golf courses they play and also the golf products they use. Check out Champs vs. Gramps on Youtube!

Champs Vs. Gramps YouTube Series


Also known as "Stinger", he is a past Champion of Flint Junior Golf as a Youth. He is always determined to retain his title as "Champs", and keep his father and team with the "Gramps" title. Bombing 300+ drives is his game. He is determined to keep his father "Gramps" in shame.



Also known as Leftee, he is a four time champion on the Cripla Tour, although he is past his prime, he is determined to defeat Stinger in this series  and become the "Champs" and pass the "Gramps" title on to Stinger! Never rule out that Gramps might become the Champs!

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